like in most novela i will spare you the ‘nothings’about childhood of the junior Johnsons.
but i can definitely not forget to mention how the trio got their mother worried sick as they did ill pranks which not even you can withstand::::
-jake is always fighting with other juniors in the basketball court .
-jaden is cool bt tends to throw tantrums often demanding 4 when he cools off he chooses to play games
-jason is ruining anything in the garage in name of
##this could kill any MUM##


Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Last year, BET introduced a category into their annual awards show called “Best International Act: Africa.” I wasn’t that surprised. We’ve been heading down the road towards a mainstream acknowledgement of #InternationalBlack-ness for a while. I chalk it up to the purchasing power and cultural influence that African immigrants in America and England have been able to amass in recent years. Apparently in Houston, the city with America’s largest Nigerian population, they play D’Banj on the local Hip Hop station, and we all know how “Afrobeats” have taken over London. Since BET is based in Washington D.C., a city with the second largest African-born population in the U.S., their inclusion of a permanent Africa category only makes sense.

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I)Jake Johnson
II)Jaden Johnson
III)Jason Johson
Mrs.Nicole Johnson
Mr. Johnson Pete

This novela tells of triplets who turn out different and originals of themselves.It was May 1994 when Mrs.Johnson had her labor pains and was rushed to ST.Helen Hospital,ward 3.She clinged tight to the nurses as she ‘push’ed.The first cry was heard..later a second..what a blessing.Mrs.Johnson thought she was done until when her Dr confimed there was stil another baby boy to go.Push she did and another came crying.And the baby Johnsons:
watch out for the unfolding of this blognovela

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